Coaching Opportunities

Leadership Coaching

I believe that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to leadership, which is why my first consultation is always free! I want to get to know you, your context, your goals, and your purpose for seeking a leadership coach. After the first consultation, I will prepare a personal growth plan that focuses on your interests.

Group Training

Are leaders born? Are they made? Who ‘has what it takes’ to be a leader? How do leaders grow? Leaders are not born. Though some have the inclination and innate skill to be a leader, there are millions of individuals with the potential to become incredibly effective leaders. Some individuals learn to be leaders on their own, through trial and error, or by working within a system that promotes leadership growth. Other individuals never learn how to grow as a leader, and eventually, stall in their growth. I believe these training sessions can reengage teams!

12-Week Leadership Development Program

This program is done in partnership with the Professional Development Academy, a certified partner of leadership development programs. From their site:

"Leadership development has never been more relevant, and skilled leaders are in demand. The Professional Development Academy has custom curriculums to address specific leadership needs and transfer knowledge and proven expertise from the C-suite to frontline leaders. Our online programs help maximize employee potential to gain a competitive edge."

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